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High school students face far greater challenges today than ever before. The eternal struggle to keep young people away from bad influences has moved to a new frontier:  A research organization said Wednesday that teens who regularly log on to Facebook and other social networks are considerably more likely to smoke, drink or use marijuana than teens who don't visit the sites. Teens also face higher incidences of teen pregnancy, gang participation and suicide today.

In terms of drug abuse, teens have many more choices today than years back—everything from Valium, Xanax, Ritalin, Adderall, Oxycontin, and whatever other prescription medications they can find. In fact, some experts are warning that kids are turning more and more to their own medicines cabinets to get high.

If you want to empower teens to withstand pressures of today and lead them to greater heights in performance and achievement, you need to hear Marcus Liberty's story. In this high-energy insightful presentation, Marcus shares how he rose from the streets of Chicago to NBA All Star, and after several amazing years with the NBA reinvented himself and became a business leader, entrepreneur, speaker, and radio and TV personality.

Teens will learn how Marcus rose above the pressures of the street and chose a different path for himself. They will learn his strategies and experience the excitement and drama of how he challenged himself and his beliefs and found the courage to keep going and achieve success beyond anything he thought possible. Marcus gives teens proven strategies and inspiring ideas they can use immediately to create breakthroughs in their lives.

Scheduling Marcus Liberty for your school is a must if you want to maximize your student body's potential and develop a game plan to turn every teen of your school into a peak performer!



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